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8 Remodeling Trends in 2021

house, garage, driveway-1867187.jpgEvery year different trends become “the thing” and the old trends become the ugliest thing anyone has ever done. It doesn’t only happen in the construction industry but with everything in life. From clothing to toys for kids, to even books. Sometimes, things just get old. But what are this year’s trends and why do we think they became so popular. Well here is what we think and here are some tips on how to implement them into your net remodel.

  1. Floating Shelves.  Floating shelves have become a very big trend in 2021. In fact just shelves, in general, has become a big trend. The old way was to have closed cabinets to hide all the dishes and bowls so no one can see them. This created a sleek look. Now everyone wants to show everyone the cool stuff they have. All their plates and bowls are on show sitting on the correct shelf. This is a cool trend and we definitely approve of this one. I just hope if you want to do this you are a clean organized person.
  2. Big islands.  Having a big island used to be thought of as a waste of space. Now it’s the center of attention. Most people are putting sinks in, Microwaves in them, and all sorts of stuff. people are even putting shelves in them which incorporates #1 with this item. whatever the thought is, you need a lot of space to do it so maybe it’s just a power move.
  3.  Built-in Refrigerators. Having a built-in refrigerator costs a to of money but it sure does fit a lot of food inside. I think that fitting food inside of the fridge can be a curse and a blessing. If your sty on top of cleaning it out, a built-in look beautiful. Otherwise, when you open it and there are leftovers from a year ago, I would skip this one and move on to the next one.

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