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remodel naples florida

Features That Make Your Home Stand Out.

remodel naples floridaHave you ever stepped inside of a home and there was just so much to look at and you couldn’t take it all in? You are looking at everything and it’s all so much you can’t just focus and enjoy any aspect of the home. Now have you stepped inside of someone’s home and there was one thing that stands out and draws your eye? You start thinking and obsessing over how beautiful it is or maybe you don’t know exactly what it is and you start to ask questions. Well, it’s all about the design and how the flow of the home goes together.

Designing a home is a difficult thing because everyone has different tastes. Many of us want to live in a home we like and make it our own, but always mostly everyone thinks about resale value and how can I increase what I paid for the home. Well, there is a way to have both. Anything can be called art and this is an example of what I am talking about> It is all about how you design something, and not about what the design actually features if that makes sense.

Here are some good tips to help you think of a good design to make your home stand out the next time you remodel.

  1. Choose one place in your kitchen as the focus area and build the kitchen off of that area. For example, maybe you want to have a floating shelf design in one area. Well, don’t make the area with the floating shelves have so many different things around it. Make the floating shelves stand out so when someone enters, it’s going to be the first thing to catch their eye.
  2. Make everything flow with one break. This can be colors or maybe fixtures. Just having everything go together but then your favorite piece can be something that just doesn’t quite fit but it also fits perfectly. This can really help make your kitchen or bathroom seem very elegant.

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