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High Rise or Condo Kitchen Remodel.

Remodeling a kitchen in a high rise or a condo presents different challenges than remodeling the same size kitchen in a single-family single-story home. The most obvious challenge is being separated from the work truck and materials being delivered by thousands of steps r a small elevator. Another problem is the condo associations. They have very strict rules, working hours when you can and can’t work and many more regulations. These can all be worked around but it just makes it a little more difficult. Another challenge is the different use of materials. Even though a condo is a residential dwelling, they construct them as commercial buildings This means all the materials used are the same as a commercial dwelling from the electrical codes to the plumbing codes.

Another big thing is all the floors are formed of concrete. this makes access to moving to plumb much more difficult than if you just had trusses as a floor. Normally in high rises and condos, there is no access to the attic. Sometimes you get lucky and can get access below or above the work area, but most of the time it’s a luxury you don’t get. This also causes challenges because running electrical and water lines becomes more difficult to hide.

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